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Why choose us?

Choosing any Doctor can be a difficult task, not every practitioner is the right fit for you and your family. Given this fact, take a moment to consider what our office has to offer.

We have Experience. Dr. Collins has been serving southern Maryland personally since 1995. He has been established in solo practice in Calvert county longer than any other chiropractor, he did not merely buy another doctors practice then proclaim a long track record in that community, he established his own.

Dr. Collins is an established member of our community, he is your neighbor, he lives in Calvert county with his family and is part of the community which he serves.

Dr. Collins is realistic, he comes from a family of healthcare practitioners and chiropractors, he offers current, state of the art, straightforward care, with Realistic careplans for your particular problem.

Dr. Collins has been well established in Calvert County and other healthcare practitioners are familiar with him and often refer their patients to our office.

Dr. Collins spends the time with his patients. We cant help if we don’t take the time to know you and your problem.

Dr. Collins explains everything to you, so you have a firm understanding of your condition and treatment, no surprises.

Bells and Whistles? Not in our office, if you are in need of health product, or other supportive products, we can provide those for you.  We will recommend them only if its deemed necessary.

Special Offer

Dr. Collins is offering you Professional Courtesy discount towards your first office visit.

Examination and first treatment
Up to $60.00 Off

*Please take note that we are prohibited from offering this courtesy to Medicare, PI or Workers Comp cases.



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